I found it quite hard to find truly good food in Guadalajara but here are a few nice restaurants I remember from my tour in 2006.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure homemadeMexican food can be great, but sadly I rarely get to experience that kind of cooking.

Of course there is lots of street food and it all looks very appetising but it is risky for someone doing my job because if I get sick,  it can affect up to sixty other people the next day. Apparently the colleague who was here before me was struck down with stomach problems, so I was very careful where I ate…


La Fonda de San Miguel (High Intermediate A), 25 Donata Guerra, Centro Historico, Tel 3613 0809

The nicest place I visited in terms of atmosphere (a large indoor courtyard with very attractive bright decor, paper stars hanging from the ceiling) and entertainment (live music and dancing on stage). I can’t remember what I had, something sizzling in a stoneware pot, but it was the best food that I had on my trip. Might be an idea to reserve. Photos here and more images here.

La Chata (Intermediate B+), 120 Corona (at Juarez and Lopez Cotilla)

Clean and hence very popular, you will have to queue even at non-peak periods, but it’s worth a bit of a wait. Try the autojitos or platillo jalisco. Images here.

La Estancia Gaucha (High Intermediate B), 2860 Av. Ninos Heroes (nr Lopez Mateos), Tel 3122 6565.

Bit of a trek but the nice building and the good quality Argentine food make it worthwhile should you want a change. Come here for a steak with chimichurri and a glass of good red. Images here.

Apologies for the very basic information about these places, it was in my pre-blogging days, so please update/correct me if you can.

In terms of things to do…

A good day trip might be a jaunt on the Tequila Express.

Operated by Ferrocarril Mexicano, it involves a train ride to Tequila (the town) and a guided tour around one of the factories. Food is provided and all the tequila you can drink! (Not that you have to do that).

You can buy tickets in the cellar of one of the department stores (ask reception) but do it as far ahead as you can. They had sold out 2 days before when I went to enquire, so I never got to go😦

A visit to the Mercado Libertad aka Mercado San Juan de Dios, is a must. Images here. With 3000 vendors it’s the biggest covered market in South America and the largest multi-product market in the world.

Take your camera to the market for plenty of photo ops. I was particularly impressed by the huge piles of chillis and the goat skulls with whole limes in their eye sockets!

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