Welcome to my big fat blog!

It’s mainly about food, especially restaurants, but architecture, museums and nature also feature. I am very fortunate to be able to travel a lot with my job and the blog is a way for me to remember where I’ve been, mainly by recording what I’ve eaten!

There has been virtually no attempt to monetise it, partly because I don’t like to compromise, and partly because I can’t be bothered to push it on social media which is pretty essential nowadays if you want a large readership. So it remains more  of a travelogue; a public diary that I’ve tried to make useful for other people.

gannetAlthough local opinions and my own personal experience are what I value the most, a lot of information has been distilled from guide books, travel websites, food programmes and other blogs. Hopefully the result is a good summary of all the readily available information that can be useful for all kinds of travellers. It’s especially good for people visiting major cities in Italy or Spain, but it also includes a lot of oddball places off the beaten track that most tourists would never go to. Whatever the context, please don’t consider these posts to be comprehensive guides to a whole city or village, they are just snapshots in time, often just about a particular corner of town where I’ve stayed for just one or two nights.

Another of my intentions is to search out and try the local delicacies, whatever they may be. After a hard day’s work, eating well is what makes or breaks my day, so you can rest assured that I have had a good go at searching out the good stuff. It also means that these reviews are my honest personal opinions about food and drink that I have paid for myself.

I’m not a culinary expert, although I have worked in kitchens and I love to cook, so you should probably take some of the things I write, and make, with a large pinch of salt! However, if you’re like me and just love anything to do with food, I’m sure there will be something in here to interest you.

May your stomach never be empty!

Raif x

17 thoughts on “Welcome to my big fat blog!”

  1. Great stuff Ralph!! What a star you are. I’ll look for some of these on my travels (although, as you know, I tend to go for whatever is easiest, which is often the boring/expensive hotel restaurant or something from a supermarket!).

  2. Thanks Sue. I have included supermarkets and delis where possible too!

    Just added Mimi de la Ferrovia and Taverna dell ‘Arte were we ate together in Naples, Hope it brings back memories!

  3. easy pal like all the contents, would say the categories need to be placed in sub folders bit overwelming at first site. you got any recipes i would love to cook your green thai curry for sarah. just got back from meixco and the sea food was amazing

    1. Ta mate. Recipes will be coming as well! Thai curries are all about making the paste from fresh. You need to find a shop that sells galangal, lime leaves and lemon grass. There’s a brilliant Thai supermarket on London Rd next time you come x

  4. Gimme more of this hot stuff…!

    Can’t see any link that says: “Want to receive more emails about this website?”

    So just invite me, man – and make it quick!



  5. Hey Raif – Thanks for this it looks great, have also forwarded it to a few foody travellers who I know will apreciate this too 🙂

    1. Thanks Clare.

      Yes please feel free to forward to anyone who might be interested.

      Look forward to seeing you at the Sri Lankan restaurant on Saturday xr

  6. A short query: where exactly on London Road is the Thai supermarket? Not sure I can place this although I know that road quite well (but obviously not as well as I thought).

    1. Hi Iain, thanks for the good words.

      The Thai supermarket is at the far end of London Rd from town, just past the junction where it splits from the beginning of Abbeydale Rd. Walk down the hill past the library and the church and you will see it on the left. It’s on the corner of Asline Rd I think.

      They have a comprehensive range of Thai foodstuffs including lots of fresh fruit and veg.

      Happy shopping 🙂

      1. Thanks for this, found it last night by accident when we took the wrong turn on the way to Dhanistha’s to celebrate my 61st. Immediately remembered having seen it before but my memory clearly isn’t what it used to be.

  7. hi mate—just arrived in vigo – only here for a couple of evenings. you find anywhere good when you were here?

  8. Hi Raif. Really like your blog. Very detailed and prolific. A man after my own heart (stomach!).
    Very inspiring.

  9. Hey Raif. We’re heading to Split, Croatia in the summer. Any top tips? Alison x

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