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Mexico – Jalisco State – Puerto Vallarta – Places to eat

Posted in Jalisco State, Mexico, Puerto Vallarta on January 26, 2017 by gannet39

Most of the restaurants on my map are in the Centro Colonia which is the historic old town. Here’s another map from the tourist board. You’ll know when you’re there because all the streets are cobbled.


La Chata (Intermediate), 708 Paseo Diaz Ordaz,

Service: A
Atmosphere: B
Food: B
Value for money: A

This is the Vallarta branch of a famous Guadalajara restaurant that usually has long queues outside. This location is easier to get into and has more ambience as it overlooks the Malecón. They have a rep for serving good food in a very clean environment, which is important in a hot country like Mexico.

I came here twice. The first time I had Pozole Blanco con Pollo. Pozole is a local soup stew made with hominy (treated maize) and shredded chicken (or pork, but not this time) and served with a cabbage and radish salad which you can add to the bowl. It was unusual and interesting, but not mind-blowing (B).


It’s much improved when fired up with some chilli sauces and oregano.



The second time I had the Chicken Enchiladas which were pretty decent too (B). With a couple of Modellos the bill came to €250.

La Palapa (High Intermediate B*),

Service: A
Atmosphere: A
Food: A-
Value for money: C

This is a very nice location, right on the beach (only two blocks from my hotel) with a great view of the sea. Definitely a good spot for a date with the sunset.

The food is pretty good; I had the Pulpo Asado (A-) and the Risotto con Mariscos (A). The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey, for instance a Margarita or a Herradura Reposado costs around €100 which is a bit much. Still, it is a lovely spot…

El Patio de Mi Casa (Intermediate), 111 Calle Guerrero

Service: A
Atmosphere: A
Food: C
Value for money: B

A restaurant and music bar that I stumbled across when walking the backstreets after walking out of Café des Artistes below. I was drawn in by the sounds of live jazz and stayed for drinks which were great, and a pizza, which wasn’t. Lovely service though, and the band played all my requests.


Unfortunately I didn’t find many other good places to eat and drink; although there are a few I didn’t have time to try (check my map). The following are more places to avoid, or take a chance on…

Cafe Des Artistes (Advanced), Calle Guadalupe Sánchez 740,

Service: A
Atmosphere: A
Food: C
Value for money: C

According to Lonely Planet this is considered by many to be Vallarta’s best restaurant. I absolutely hated it, primarily because they kept we waiting indefinitely for a table in the bar area despite me having a reservation. I was told I had to wait until there was a table free but in the UK table hoggers would be asked to vacate for the next customers. A culture clash perhaps but I walked out after an hour. The kind waiter did run out after me to apologise to me for the management though.

While I was there I had a Taco de Lechon Confit which wasn’t particularly good and quite expensive at €140 (C).

The Tan cocktail made with Mezcal Amores, orange, lemon, agave syrup, orange liqueur and a Sal de Gusano (worm salt) halo was interesting though (B).



Café de Olla (Intermediate), 168A Calle Basilo Badillo

Service: A
Atmosphere: B
Food: C
Value for money: B

This is place is near the hotel and open on a Sunday which are its only selling points. I wanted to eat nearby at Pancho’s Takos at 162 Calle Basilio Badillo but it was closed on the Sabbath, so I went to this next place instead. The food isn’t great but it’s convenient and the service is very efficient.

Please see my previous post for info on stuff to do and see.


Mexico – Jalisco State – Puerto Vallarta – Stuff to do

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Puerto Vallarta is Mexico’s premier west coast beach resort. I read that it has more charm and culture than Cancun, which is more of a party destination, but I haven’t been myself. This was my second time in Vallarta and it felt a bit more developed than it was in 2006. Please see my next post on what to eat and where.


I stayed for three nights at Hotel Los Arcos at 380 Calle Olas Altas My room had some great views of the beach which was just a stone’s throw away. There’s also a big pool in the hotel. Here’s a video to give you more of an idea.


It was the Mexican holiday season when I went so there were lots of families. In the afternoons there was quite a party atmosphere with Mexican pop music blaring out poolside and two-for-one Margaritas during the happy hours. I had a great time! On the downside the breakfast buffet costs €180 which is a bit pricey when you only want some fruit, cereal and a coffee.


As you can see on my Google map, the walkway along the beachfront is called the Malecón.


It’s a great place for a stroll or a jog.


There are lots of quirky statues along the Malecón.




The most famous is ‘El Caballito’, or ‘The Boy on a Seahorse’, which is a symbol of the city.


I had a day off while I was here so I took the opportunity to get a bit of beach time. Passing vendors kept me well fed and watered. I started with some fresh oysters which were twice the price of what I paid in Coatzacoalcos but still really cheap by European standards, and really good.


The grilled prawns slathered in hot sauce were pretty decent too, especially with a frozen Margarita.


Many other tempting tidbits are available.


Click on this link to see some excellent beach entertainment.

Puerto Vallarta would be a nice place to come if you wanted to study Spanish. A good place to do it might be Proulex, the language school of the University of Guadalajara which has a branch at 105 Calle Libertad in the Centro Colonia.

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