HOW I GRADE RESTAURANTS! It’s helpful to read this first.

To try to give some kind of logic to my ramblings I use a basic code to describe my culinary experiences.

Sometimes I use a grade scale of A-D in my reviews:

(A) for excellent

(B) for pretty good

(C) for edible but nothing great

(D) wouldn’t feed it to a pig

I often add a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign af after the grade to add emphasis.

Grades are given for individual dishes and also  for the eatery, taking into account the overall quality of such factors as service, ambience, value-for-money and anything else that has an effect on the experience.

I also put the eatery into one of four categories:

Advanced: top quality places to include anywhere with Michelin stars and high prices.

Intermediate: which includes many chain restaurants as well as mid-range independents.

Elementary: takeaways, bakeries, cafes, canteens, with no frills or pretensions.

Initial:  particularly street food from vans, market stalls, pavement grills and noodle hawkers.

You’ve probably guessed by now that I work in Education!

The grades and category names are just labels that happen to conicide with my background in teaching languages.

They are just a useful tool that make comparison possible, so please don’t take them too seriously.

It has often been my experience that the same dish in the same restaurant can score differently on different days.

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