Lunch in Tarragona

If you turn right out of the station and take the old steps up you will come to Rambla Nova and the famous ‘Balcón del Mediterráneo’ (Balcony of the Mediterranean), a natural rocky outcrop at the end of the rambla overlooking the sea. One end of the balcony also has views of the amphitheatre. There are plenty of bars with street terraces here too.

Sadly the following local institution is now closed (a victim of the crisis) but I hope that whatever opens up in its place will continue its tradition of top quality cuisine.

Leman Cafe  (Intermediate A), 27 Rambla Nova

I had an hour to kill before work so I went to the famous Leman Cafe. The interior is comfortable and retro-modern, from the late sixties I think and the service is very pleasant.You can sit outside on the street terrace, either in the shade or out.

I had an excellent coffee and a delicious apple tart for €4. The ice creams are apparently very good too.

The restaurant is known for seafood so I went back for lunch and had a three-course Menu-del-Dia for €19 which was a seafood salad, grilled Emperador (swordfish) with a delicious potato gratin, finishing with a fruit salad, all excellent (A). According to my companion the duck was also wonderful.

Swordfish at Cafe Leman

Complimentary custard cake with our coffees finished things off perfectly. Great food at reasonable prices. My local friend was so impressed I’d introduced him to such a great place that he picked up the tab!

Bill, the companion I mention above and a resident of Tarragona for twenty years, recommends a great fish restaurant called La Puda which is in the port area near the fish market. Other places down there must be good too.

Written April 2010

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