Madrid – Innards in Embajadores

Freiduria de Gallinejas (Elementary B+), 84 Calle Embajadores

I’ll give most things a go at least once because I hate to think I’m missing out on something. I have tried Callos a la Madrilena, which most inhabitants in the city would cite as their signture dish, but wasn’t too impressed by the dish or the restaurant that served it.

This place has been serving up lambs innards for more than 100 years so I figured if I was going to try another classic Madrileno offal dish, this would be the best place.

Freiduria de Gallinejas


Freiduria de Gallinejas represents the last of a longstanding local tradition, the only survivor of sixty shops selling various kinds of innards that used to surround the local abattoir.
The young friendly guy who served me was very helpful in explaining what everything was on the menu and even gave me a mixed racion of Gallinjas (slices of lambs small intestine) and Entresijos (more of the same but with spleen and pancreas still attached).


Both are fried in the fat from the animal and served with chips. Once you get past the frilly tubular appearance it’s just like eating any other kind of deep-fried fritter, a pleasant crunchy texture with no particularly strong taste. I put them to bed no probs.

Entresijos y Gallinejas
My man’s next recommendation was a bit harder to finish. Mollejas Blancas are tender, juicy nuggets of ‘neck sweetbreads’ aka thymus glands but I’m still not quite sure, and long may it stay that way! They looked good, hot and glistening in oil, and tasted fine, but I couldn’t finish more than ten, about a third of the plate. I went for the smaller well cooked ones rather than the big juicy ones.


The drink to go with this apparently is a chilled bottle of cheap red wine, and another of lemonade, which are mixed together to produce a rudimentary sangria. Or you could moo for a cold Mahou beer.

All this, along with a mixed salad and a large piece of French stick and a baked (burnt but still tasty) apple, came to a mere €21.20, all in all a cheap and very enjoyable experience.  Eat first ask questions later.

Baked apple but not as we know it


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