Madrid – Principe Pio

Casa Mingo (Intermediate B+), Paseo Florda 34, Principe Pio

I’ve wanted to come to this place for many years but never made it due to its location being a bit of a way out of the centre. I finally got my chance when my work commute took me via Estacion del Nord, the nearest metro station.

2012-04-23 14.17.32

Mingo’s is a vast old Asturian cider house, founded in 1888 and still going strong.

Get here early before the Spanish eat if you want to bag an outdoor table on the road.

2012-04-23 14.16.26

The terrace wasn’t open when I went in April but there must be 200 seats inside so I got a table straight away.

Main RoomDespite what Time Out would have you believe, there is more on the menu than just roast chicken, salad and cider, but this is what most people come for and I wasn’t any different. Cider stocksI got a whole chicken to myself (A) with a so-so salad in a foil tray (B)…

Nice view…and a bottle of unaerated Asturian cider.

Sidra Natural

The bill came just €22.80 with bread. Bargain.

When I walked past the kitchen, the chef opened the door of the huge rotisserie to allow me to take a picture of the forty odd birds being grilled simultaneously inside.

Rotisserie A great place for lovers of roast chicken, definitely recommended.

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