Fun guy in Frosinone

There’s very little I can tell you about Frosinone because I was only there a very short time and worked pretty much constantly.

You’ll find my Google map of the town here.

Most of my colleagues seem to think there isn’t that much to see or do except one who says there are a couple of restaurants up the hill in the old town that are worth visiting. The problem is you have to be prepared to hoof it back because taxi drivers generally don’t work in the evenings.

Other colleagues who have had a day off here have recommended a visit to the nearby fortified town of Ferentino.

On the plus side, the restaurant of the comfortable Hotel Astor  where I stayed is excellent and very popular. I ate here twice and everything was great. I particularly remember the mixed seafood plate on the first night (A).


And the next night, after some prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella (B+), the Risotto con Funghi Porcini e Tartufo was also memorable (A).


Especially with the bottle of ‘Le Note de Figaro’2012 by Cantina Paniccia, made of 100% Cesanese del Piglio grapes from the local Lazio IGP,  a new but enjoyable experience (B+).


And finally a strong finish with a shot of oak barrel-aged grappa ‘Candolini’ Riserva (B+).


I love Antonino the old white-haired waiter here. He’s absolutely hilarious and puts on a clown routine for his customers by intentionally forgetting things, pretending to get in a tizzy and generally being very daft! But he’s really not, he’s just a very nice, funny guy who likes his customers to enjoy themselves.

062Although he didn’t serve me I also remember the other waiter Angelo (another character) because when introducing him Tonino said ‘non un Angelo, è il diavolo!’

If you’re female, watch out for the hotel owner who’s a bit of a Lothario. He’ll join you for dinner and be stroking your hair in no time given half a chance! I think the leopard skin print on the dining room chairs is an indication of where he’s coming from. It’s all very Quagmiresque.

I came to Frosinone for a fleeting second visit in May 2018 and stayed at the Astor again. Sadly I didn’t manage to get out of the hotel as I arrived late and left early the next day but I can report the restaurant is still good, the waiters are still funny (no Antonino though sadly) and the leopard print chairs are a little worn but still comfortable. The hotel still has the same owner as the photos in the reception show but fortunately for the female guests he wasn’t around, probably because it was the day of rest.

To start I had the Scamorza Grigliata con Proscuitto di Gaurcino, a combination of grilled cheese and local cured ham, which worked well (B). The Frittata con Cipolle di Alatari, basically an omelette with local sliced white onion, was fine but uninspiring (B-).

To drink I opted for the house red, another local Cesanese, which was fine but not as nice as last time (C+). At €8 a bottle though, you can’t complain.

My choices were some of the cheapest on the menu so the total only came to €23.

Please let me know in the comments section below if you have anything to recommend for my next visit 🙂

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