Naples – Centro Storico – Via della Sapienza

Via della Sapienza (the ‘street of wisdom’), and its continuation via Anticaglia, was the northern decumanus of the old Roman city as it runs parallel to and north from Tribunali (the Decumanus Maximus) and Spaccanapoli (the southern decumanus). Please click on the names for separate posts.

Its sister streets are much more touristy and have more sights to see, but there are a couple of little gems along here too, and it’s an alternative if less direct but route through the old town.

Cantina Sapienza (Elementary A), 40/41 Via della Sapienza (between the cross streets Via Sole and Via Giudice, just before Piazza Miraglia), Tel. 081 459078, closed Sunday.

Cantina Sapienza

This is a great place for lunch or dinner when you are out exploring. Rather hard to find but well worth the effort. You won’t see it until you’re right on top of it as it’s set back from the edge of the street.

I adoretheir excellent home cooking which is great value for money. Try Scarola e Fagioli, (a bean soup-stew with croutons) and for your contorni (side dishes) you can try Di Tutto Un Po (a little of everything) for either €3 or €6 euros according to your hunger. Great for vegetarians and heavily patronised by the locals.

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