Cagliari – Quartiere Stampace

Quartiere Stampace is the neighbourhood to the northwest of Quartiere Marina. Largo Carlo Felice, the city’s central artery separates the two neighbourhoods.

There’s not much to see here that I know of, although I do quite like the Art Nouveau decoration on the Comune Di Cagliari building at the bottom of Largo Carlo Felice.



There don’t seem to be many eateries in the area, certainly in comparison to the more touristy Marina neighbourhood, although I did want to try Sa Domu Sarda at 51 Via Sassari which was recommended for traditional food by a colleague who had lived in Cagliari for many years. It’s just a few minutes from the Hotel Italia as you can see on my Google map.

I had a look around Chiesa di Nostra Signora del Carmine at 11 Viale Trieste.


It was destroyed in the war and rebuilt in a Pisan-Romanesque style in 1945. It has some nice mosaics which make a change from the norm.



More next time…

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