Eating out in Tisno

Having been to Tisno five times I’ve got quite a good handle on the local dining scene.

Below are my favourite restaurants in order of preference and here is a Google map with everywhere mentioned on it.

This Rough Guide article is a good description of Croatian food and drink.

Restoran Carmen (Intermediate A), Pod Garmom 33

This is the best place in town for a mixed seafood grill, a classic dish of the Dalmatian coast.


It has changed slightly from year to year, but it’s always good.


A nice starter is melon with Pršut (cured prosciutto ham), an obvious steal from their neighbour on the other side of the Adriatic.


The Italian influences probably come from the time when the north of Croatia was part of the Venetian republic.

They do a mean octopus salad as well.


I also like Carmen because it has an outside terrace built over the sea.


It can get a bit windy sometimes but sitting inside by the big open windows is nice too.

All the white wines I’ve had here have been excellent. The Malvazja Itarska (Istrian Malvaisa) ‘Alba’ by Matošević has always been a crowd pleaser.


Kozlović also make a good Istrian Malvazja.


A shot of Julishka plum and pear liqueur is a nice way to finish.


Konoba Tereza (Intermediate A), Put Jazine 78

Traditionally this is where we have our last meal of the holiday.


As well as seafood, Croatia has excellent meat, and Konoba Tereza is the best place in Tisno to have it as they have a big outdoor charcoal grill.

This can mean that your food can take a while, especially if they’re busy (which they always are, so reserve), and the courtyard can get a bit smoky (which at least deters the mosquitos), but these minor annoyances are totally worth putting up with.

All the steaks are great (especially the 450g rib eye.


They do great lamb chops as well.


‘Bosso’ made by the Senjkovic winery from red Plavac grapes is a good choice to go with meat.


You could opt for a Karlovačko beer but I don’t rate the draught here, or anywhere really (C).

Tereza also do a good seafood grill here but not quite as good as Carmen’s above.

If you do go for this option, a bottle of their Krauthaker Sauvignon Vidim (Sauvignon Blanc) is a good accompaniment.


Watch out for their guard tortoise.


Restaurant Gina (Intermediate B+), 9 Put Jazine

Another good choice, and they have a very big outside terrace. We’ve always received great service here and the food has invariably been good. They cook pasta well (it’s rarely al dente elsewhere) so I tend to go for that, especially with seafood.

Gina also rents out rooms but I can’t comment on them. I’m sure they’re fine though.

Restaurant Toni (Intermediate B), 13 Put Brošcice

Toni’s is another solid choice for food, especially steaks.

We’ve rented out the entire apartment block behind the restaurant (five flats for fourteen people) for the last four years of the Electric Elephant festival. Tony Corkalo the owner is a really nice guy and has always been flexible and generous. The first year we came we were fleeced by a more unscrupulous apartment owner so it’s good to know that not everyone is on the make.

Konoda Brošćica (Intermediate B), 12 Put Brošcice

A friendly place next door to Toni’s. They have a rep for their mackerel. I enjoyed it but it can’t compete with the Norwegian line-caught I’m used to (A).


Hotel Borovnik at 3 Sime Vlasica is a more expensive option for somewhere to stay and it’s often booked up a year ahead for the festivals.

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