Mexico – Chihuahua State – chilling in Chihuahua

Chihuahua is the capital city of the state of the same name. My stay here was even shorter than in Parral (around eighteen hours) but I did manage to eat out once before catching the plane back to Mexico City which is why I’m bothering to write.

If I’d had longer I would have checked out the cathedral in the main square, Plaza de Armas. It has a beautiful facade (I drove past it in a taxi) and is considered by some to be the finest example of colonial architecture in the north of Mexico.

My research indicated that there are a few nice restaurants around the square eg Meson de Catedral (see my Google map).

La Casa de los Milagros (Intermediate B+), Calle Guadalupe Victoria 812

An atmospheric mansion, over 110 years old, with a covered internal courtyard and various nooks and crannies. They have live music at the weekends.

I had a T-Bone con papa asado, toreados y refritos; a steak with baked potato, roasted chile and refried beans (B).


I stayed at the Holiday Inn at Escudero 702 which was very comfortable. The suite had a kitchen should you have the time and inclination to shop and cook.

I didn’t see any of the famous dogs around but I did read up on their history which is quite interesting.

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