Jerez de la Frontera – Centro – Nightlife

I’ve written several posts on Jerez. You’ll find the index here. Google map here.

There are some beautiful bars and clubs in Jerez. Here are a couple I’ve been to…

Damajuana Cafe Bar, 18 Calle Francos,

I’m guessing this was once a rich man’s palace with a large interior courtyard and lots of rooms on several floors, one of which is now a despacho de vinos (barrel room).

Some simply describe it as one of the best bars in town but their website sees it as “a cultural center, with literary acts, jazz and blues concerts, painting, sculpture and photography exhibitions and wine tastings” so if any of those interest you, you should check their site for what’s on.

My friend John and I used it as a starting point for a night out on the town. It was pretty packed but we met lots of friendly people.

Tablao del Bereber, 8-10 Calle de las Cabezas

I’ve been here a couple of times and loved it. It’s a beautiful space with ancient walls (I read that it was once a fortress) and tastefully decorated with antique looking artworks and Arabic lanterns.

Midweek most of the clientele are young guys who come to smoke shisha pipes in the bar area. At the weekend it’s much busier with two rooms of dance music. House, cumbia and ragga seem popular. I’ve made friends with quite a few characters I’ve met here, including one I brought with me.


Thank you Jerez, I had a great time!

Pics from November 2015.

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