Campo de Gibraltar – La Línea de la Concepción

If you think Algeciras is unlovely just wait till you experience La Línea. It’s a pretty grim working class town set up to control access to Gibraltar (the ‘linea’ is the border between the two) but many of the inhabitants make their living working in the British dependency in service industries such as online gambling.


It’s on an isthmus with the Rock at the tip so there is water on both sides. See my separate post on Gibraltar. Google map here.

On the east side there’s a long beach called the Playa de la Atunara with grey sand and several cheap marisquerias in a line next to each other along the waterfront road.


The teacher I worked with at the local high school liked this one the most:

Marisqueria La Perla del Sur (High Elementary B), 129 Avenida Menendez Pelayo, effectively on the Paseo del Mediterráneo,

I began with a half ration of Huevas Alinadas, aka marinaded hake roe I think, which was okay (B) but not something I’d order again.


As it was Friday I treated myself to the boiled Mariscada Simple, one of a few masriscadas on offer, which looked pretty reasonable at €26. It involved gambas tigre (tiger prawns), langostionos (langostines), cangrejo (crab), mejillones (mussels) and caracoles de mar (sea snails). Not the best quality but fine (B).


The waiter warned me it was big but I wasn’t quite prepared for it being huge! It took me well over an hour to finish!! I had to give up eventually because my arms and fingers were so tired.

With a beer and a half bottle of Tierra Blanca the bill came to €40.

It was Friday and a group of ten construction workers in boots and hi-vis where outside having after work beers. They were in high spirits and while one danced and sang a Flamenco song the others were enthusiastically clapping to the rhythm and shouting ‘Ole!’. It was a strange sight for someone like myself who’s not used to Flamenco culture. Great to see it in action like this.

This place is on the bay side of the isthmus facing the marina.

aQa (Intermediate B-), Calle Andrés Viñas (no number), off Avenida Principe de Asturias,

This is a bright modern place that is probably the most attractive restaurant in an otherwise dingy town. It’s probably more fun at night when it becomes a lounge bar.

Rather than hang around in Gibraltar airport I came here on a fleeting visit in August 2016 because you can sit outside on the terrace witha beer and look at the marina and the bay. It’s ten minutes’ walk from the bus station and twenty minutes’ walk to the airport, including passport control.

I had the aQa burger and two medium beers for €11. The burger and potato fries were edible but not anything I’d want to repeat (C+). Get a salad I’d say. Service was unwelcoming and unsmiling so I didn’t tip.

So, a good place to kill time but order wisely.

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