Bari – a drink and a bite in the Porto Vecchio

The Porto Vecchio is the old harbour to the east of the town. Map here.

This is where many of the fishermans’ boats are moored, the traditional blue Gozzi.

Molo San Nicola is the southern pier of the Porto Vecchio. You can get some nice views across the water towards the old town from here.

You can buy fresh seafood directly from the gruff fishermen who sell their catch on the pier. Freshly prepared Ricci (sea-urchins) were on sale the afternoon I went.

It’s a popular spot for people to hang out with friends and listen to reggae music from the bar, El Chiringuito. Video here.

El Chiringuito specialises in two things; Peroni, the quintessential Barese beer, and tomato and mozzarella Panzerotti, like small Calzoni but deep-fried rather than baked. I’ve been spoilt so these score a B with me but they do hit the spot with a cold beer.

Peroni begain life in the north of Italy in 1846 but in 1924 they opened a new production plant in Bari which was the beginning of the company becoming a national beer. You can see photos of the plant and old Peroni trucks on the walls of the bar.

This is a cool little spot. I’ll check it at sunset next time.

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