Fremantle – street art

Fremantle is a hotbed for street art and you’ll find it dotted about everywhere.

My favourite is Kraken by Sheffield artist Phlegm but then I’m biased.

But there are lots of other great paintings.

I particularly love this Numbat (a local endangered insectivorous marsupial) by Roa from Belgium.

In the previous post you may have wondered about the stripes of yellow paint across some of the buildings.

It all makes sense when you stand on the balcony of the Roundhouse and look down the High Street to the town hall at the end.

The work is called called Arcs d’Ellipses by Felice Varini. Nice idea but it didn’t end very well unfortunately.

Many of the paintings above and statues below can be found around the Fishing Boat Harbour which is a pleasant area to walk around. The statues show the jobs locals did in the harbour, but theres also one of local boy Bon Scott, the singer from AC/DC, which many people like to get a photo with.

Not sure what this chap is about though…

Food and drink next!

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