Western Australia – flora and fauna

I took so many snaps of flora and fauna that I decided to give them their own page.

My favourites were the birds, especially the parrots. The most sociable was the Australian Ringneck parrot. I saw big flocks of them flying around at dusk on a few occasions. A couple of them even joined me for breakfast one day.

This flock of White Cockatoos were in the park in Freo. It was hard to tell if they were playing or squabbling as they jumped on each other and rolled around on the ground. They are fascinating birds and I spent several minutes watching them. There’s enough funny videos about them to keep you entertained all day.

The famous Galahs came in big groups too.

The bird I felt most sorry for was the Sacred Ibis, aka the Bin Chicken, aka the Tip Turkey or Detritus Drake. As you can maybe guess the bird has been reduced to urban scavenging as its natural marshland habit has disappeared.

I certainly don’t feel sorry for the ubiquitous crow who surely must now be the most common bird in many countries.

There were some lovely trees.

And some lovely flowers.

The star mammals for me were the Quokkas out on Rottnest island. They were so tame you could have petted them but it’s against the law to do so.

I also got a get a few pics of seals…

…and kangaroos too but they were a bit too far away to get a good shot unfortunately.

I’ll add more to this page next time I go!

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