Mumbai – snooping around Sassoon Docks

Moving south from Apollo Bandar you will soon come to Sasoon Dock. Map here.

It’s one of very few docks in Mumbai that are open to the public but you won’t see many tourists around.

They were built in 1875 by Albert Abdullah David Sassoon. The Sassoons were a Baghdadi Jewish family of great standing in the Jewish community in Bombay and their names pops up all the time around the city.

The dry docks are some of the oldest in India and helped to establish the cotton trade.

Nowadays it’s one of the largest fish markets in Mumbai.

I arrived a little late in the day for the fish sales so the main activity seemed to be breaking up ice…

…transporting it to the dock…

…and stashing it in the hold.

I got a few surprised looks when I was walking around but most people were friendly.

These likely lads even asked me to take their picture!

So, an interesting place to wander around with lots of photos ops, as long as you don’t mind pungent smells!

Off on a boat to Elephanta Island next!

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