Toledo – Casco Histórico – a few other things to see

My two previous posts on things to see in the c would make two good half day tours, or one very long one. This post tidies up all the stuff I didn’t have space for in the other posts. Here’s my map .

This is a gallery of pics (click to enlarge) of random nooks and crannies I encountered on my wanderings around the Casco Histórico…

The Estación de Toledo isn’t in the Casco Histórico but it should be because, for me, the stunning ticket hall gives the interior of the cathedral a run for its money.

Down by the Puerta de Alfonso VI is a piece of Brutalist sculpture (“Lugar de Encuentros” by Eduardo Chillida (1981)) that seems to be completely lost. It felt like I should have taken it back home with me to Sheffield.

And that tidies up all my architecture shots. Time for a spot of shopping…

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