Toledo – Casco Histórico – Adolfo the best restaurant in town

On my last night I treated myself to somewhere at the other end of the scale. Fine dining is so much better value in Spain than in the UK so I like to make the most of it while I can…

Restaurante Adolfo (Advanced A), 7 Calle Hombre de Palo,

Adolfo is generally considered to be the best restaurant in town. I went for their tasting menu (€79 for nine turns) and their wine matching (€34 for five glasses). The grading peters off as I was chatting with the staff too much, apologies.

Things began well with a excellent glass of Oloroso 10RF from Osborne (A). I liked it so much I bought a few bottles on the internet when I got home.

Then a trio of starters;

Beet Jelly.

Cream of Pumpkin.

Ham & Cheese Bonbon.

With these came a very nice glass of Baldor Chardonnay (B+).

Then Green Asparagus and Langoustine.

With this, Alejairen; a pleasant white wine made with Airen grapes.

I struggled with the Pig’s Ear with a Blueberry Infusion and Passion Fruit if I’m honest. I can eat pig’s ear, it just needs to be thinly sliced.

This was matched with the house red; A Pago del Ama Cabernet 2011. It was at this point that the somellier Miguel Angel introduced himself to give me a display of his wine opening skills. Some of my professional chef friends think this is rather OTT but I like a bit of theatre with my food.

Then Scallop, Cockles and Manchego Ratatouille.

Next a fine Rioja called Vina Albina which Miguel Angel decanted for me.

After this, Pigeon with a Fiduea of Vegetables.

Then Hake, Quinoa and Seaweed.

The last main was Iberian Pig with Purple and Yellow Passion Fruit.

The first dessert was Cold Chocolate Cake.

A glass of Pedro Ximenez by Fernando Rey De Castilla went well with this.

After this, the Caramel Ball and Fragrancy of Tiramisu was quite a sight and very satisfying to break.

Being the beast that I am, I couldn’t resist following up with a couple of brandies. First a Larios 1866 which Miguel Angel provided another superlative demonstration for, and then a new one for me called Conde de Garvey which was okay (B).

Miguel Angel felt some blue cheese would go well with this which it did.

And finally a box with some chocolates and marzipan finished things off.

So, quite a blowout! If you want a luxurious dining experience, then come to Adolfo!

That was the end of my four days in Toledo. I left plenty to do for next time so I feel like I’ve really only scratched the surface of this ancient city.

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