Castile La Mancha – an architecture walk in Albacete

After my traumas in Seas I was very relieved return to civlisation in Albacete . It was my first time in town and I stayed for just one night, completely unplanned, so apologies for the lack of detail in my posts.

When I went out for a walk I was pleasantly surprised to find the main streets in town lined with wonderful Modernista buildings. I’ve placed them in geographical order so you can view these as part of a walk between the hotel and the train station. Do it in reverse if you’re coming from the station. Everywhere I mention, and more, can be found on my Google map here.

Chalet Fontecha at 22 Calle Tesifonte Gallego.

19 Calle Tesifonte Gallego.

9 Calle Tesifonte Gallego.

5 Calle Tesifonte Gallego.

From here, take a short detour up Calle Del Tinte to walk down Pasaje de Lodares.

Looking back on Streetview, I realise I missed a few little gems like Casino Primitivo at 3 Calle Tesifonte Gallego.

I also missed Edificio de Legorburo at 35 Calle Mayor and Casa Cabot at 17 Calle Marqués de Molins.

Back on Calle Marqués de Molins at #13.

9 Calle Marqués de Molins.

Gran Hotel at 1 Calle Marqués de Molins.

The Museo Municipal de Albacete in Plaza del Altozano is the old Casa Consistorial (local council).

Diputación Provincial de Albacete at 5 Paseo la Libertad.

And finally the Fuente De Las Ranas (the Fountain of the Frogs) on the roundabout at the end of where it Paseo la Libertad meets Paseo de la Cuba.

I realise I’ve only scratched the surface of architecture in this lovely town. I didn’t get to see such masterpieces as Casa de Hortelano, and there are more I’m sure.

Good to leave some for next time though! Next, lunch in Madrid…

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