Vienna – staying in Wieden

As I mentioned in my last post, Wieden is a good residential area to stay in as it’s near the centre and there are lots of neighbourhood bars and restaurants. You’ll find them on my map here.

This was my favourite…

Café Anzengruber (Intermediate A), 19 Schleifmühlgasse

Despite the name, this is more of a pub than a café but it’s great for no frills, inexpensive, quality food. Gerhard Urbanek (see my Naschmarket post) tipped me off about their excellent schnitzel and goulash so I tried both on two separate visits and they were indeed the best I had during my stay.

A schnitzel with a Trumer lager cost me €17.60.

I can also recommend the Apricot Schnaps.

The bartenders were always very busy but still managed to stay friendly and helpful. It’s really popular with the locals so arrive early to bag a seat, or wait at the bar for one to be free. This is my top pick for everyday eating and drinking.

And for breakfast…

Café Rüdigerhof (Intermediate B+), 20 Hamburgerstraße,

An old school cafe located on the ground floor of a lovely Art Nouveau building.

It’s a nice peaceful spot as they don’t seem to have many customers, possibly due to there being so much competition.

The traditional breakfast is simple but covers all the bases.

The wheat-flour rolls are known as Vienna Rolls or Kaiser Rolls. Cuts in the dough create lobes that are said to look like a crown. Historically they were the first example of the innovative Vienna breadmaking process that removed the need for a sourdough starter.

Another breakfast spot with less style but a more modern take on food is…

Budapest Bistro (Low Intermediate B+), 10 Pilgramgasse 10,

I’m not a fan of the twee decor but they serve a decent breakfast with good Illy coffee and the people are friendly. Not a place to travel to but a good place to start the day if you’re staying nearby.

And for the sweet of tooth…

Fruth Chocolaterie (Intermediate A?), 20 Kettenbrückengasse,

This small Art Nouveau shop sells top notch confectionery and drinking chocolate.

I restricted myself to gazing lovingly at the window displays as I’d stuffed my face with Sachertorte elsewhere (see later post).

A restaurant I didn’t get to try in the area that looks really interesting is Motto at 1 Rüdigergasse.

However, the best place to eat in Wieden is the Naschmarket, which is next…

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