Buenos Aires – Palermo Soho – mid-range restaurants

Besides great steakhouses (previous post), Palermo Soho has a multitude of other good bars and restaurants, many of which are on my map. If you’re looking for higher end places, please see my coming Palermo Hollywood post.

In 2018 I went to this fun restaurant with some friends…

Niño Gordo (Intermediate B), 1810 Thames, niñogordo.com.ar

This on-trend Asian fusion restaurant is by the same team as La Carnicería, the hipster steakhouse I raved about in the last post. It’s a fun place with playful decor.

Red is considered an auspicious colour in China and is commonly used in lanterns and other decorations. Niño Gordo takes this to extremes which is why these pics are all very, very red!

The restaurant was already high on my hit list and as luck would have it, it was also the place chosen for a reunion by my old friend Jorgia who I first met back in Salvador in 2012 (post here).

Two friends of hers, Alice & Ted, were visiting from Brazil and we had some interesting conversations. Ted explained to me that Brazil elected Bolsonaro not because everyone had become fascists but because everyone was heartily sick of the Socialist party’s corruption, which is entirely understandable. Hopefully they’ll find a third way next time.

I didn’t bother grading the food as I was enjoying having good company for a change but I think it was a B overall, so pretty good but not amazing. It’s a fun place that’s definitely worth a visit though.

This is a more traditional restaurant…

Cabernet (High Intermediate B+), 1757 Borges, www.cabernet-restaurant.com

This is a nice spot with an open air courtyard and reasonably priced food. I came on a work outing and had the Bondiola Braseada a la Miel de Jengibre con Arroz Pilaf Oriental (roast pork loin with honey and ginger sauce with a pilaf) as I wanted a change from beef and was craving rice. It was fine (B). I also enjoyed the Bonarda from La Madrid which made a nice change from the more full-bodied Malbec (B).

Fast food in Palermo Soho next!

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