Buenos Aires – favourite bars and clubs in Palermo

As you would expect, Palermo has many fine drinking establishments. Here are my favourites, apologies for the lack of photos…

Post Street Bar (Elementary A), Thames 1285, www.post-streetbar.com

A dive bar with walls covered in graff and street art. The best place to be is the large outdoor terrace they have on the first floor. My friend Damian and I put away a few pitchers of draught beer up here one hot spring evening.

Congo (Intermediate A), 5329 Honduras, congoclubcultural.com.ar, open Wed to Sat from 8pm to 4am or 6am

According to Time Out, the bar in their back garden is one of the best outdoor drinking spaces in the city. I can tell you they do a mean Passion Fruit Caiparinhia (A).

Victoria Brown Bar (Advanced B+), 4827 Costa Rica, victoriabrownbar.com

This place is pretending to be a secret bar (in 2014, still a long-standing trend in BsAs) but there is no trick to getting in. As soon as you enter the doorman pushes a handle and the wall moves away, revealing a very large jam-packed room, and you just walk right in. There are seats around the sides and one long bar, with about five mixologists all working at full stretch. I didn’t get served as quickly as I’d like but the cocktails were decent.

There are many other secret bars in Baires. My favourite is Floreria Atlantico over in the Retiro (post here).

Isabel (Advanced A), 1664 Uriarte, barisabel.com

This beautiful club is at the other end of the scale from Post Bar above. It’s one long room with an excellent sound system and a DJ with good taste (at least when I went). I’m sure it’s packed at the weekend but I went very early on a weekday just to check it out. The door to the unisex loos is invisible unless you know where it is and once inside the mirrored walls make you even more confused. A great bar with a long list of good cocktails but I can imagine it would be difficult to get served once it gets busy.

Fine dining in Palermo Hollywood next!

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