Buenos Aires – some more Art Nouveau architecture

Buenos Aires is dripping with Art Nouveau architecture, much of which I’ve featured in previous posts on Balvanera, Calle Florida and Avenida de Mayo. This post pulls together all the remaining photos I’ve taken at various locations around the city. You’ll find everywhere mentioned on my map ).

The streets between Plaza del Congreso and Plaza Lavalle in central San Nicolás are a good hunting ground…

One favourite is the derelict but still beautiful Società Unione Operai Italiani, the former HQ of an Italian cultural society, at 1374 Sarmiento. The classic Stile Liberty (Italian Art Nouveau) building was designed in 1913 by the architect Virginio Colombo.

Also nearby is this beauty, just a couple of streets away. I don’t have any background on it sorry, not even the address, despite lots of Googling and Streetviewing. Does anyone reading this have any info?

This unsual unit is at 1695 Bartolomé Mitre, on the corner with Rodríguez Peña.

This Art Deco office buidling is at 1334 Lavalle.

And this striking buiding with Venetian style windows is at 1519 Lavalle.

Over on the other side of Avenida 9 de Julio is the Art Deco Teatro Ópera Allianz www.operaorbiseguros.com at 850 Corrientes.

To the south, in Monserrat, another favourite is Edificio Otto Wulff, the former diplomatic offices of the Austro-Hungarian empire, on the corner of Belgrano and Peru.

Built in 1914, the Jugendstil (Austrian/German Art Nouveau) building is the work of Morten F. Rönnow.

Further south still, San Telmo has some nice Art Nouveau bits and pieces…

And finally, this is Casa Redonda in Palermo Chico. It was designed by Mario Palanti, the Italian architect who designed the wonderful Barolo Palace, one of my favourite buildings in Baires (see my Avenida de Mayo post).

And that’s it for now, although I’m sure I’ll add to this post on my next trip.

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