Tel Aviv – some Postmodern architecture

Besides Bauhaus and Eclectic Style (for which see my two previous posts), and the medieval quarter in Jaffa (another earlier post), Tel Aviv also has lots of Postmodern architecture. Most of the buildings in this post can be viewed by walking along the beach promenade parallel to Retsif Herbert Samuel Street. My map is here.

The most bizarre building has to be The House on the Boardwalk which I read was originally conceived of as a joke by the architect Tsvi Harel who sketched it for a newspaper column.

A local entrepreneur breathed life into the project which was completed in the mid 90s. It gets a lot of stick but I quite like its audacity.

The White City has UNESCO heritage status so any high towers have to be built outside its area. Many display Bauhaus characteristics in an effort to blend in.

I’d love to stay at the five star Royal Beach Hotel.

Here are a few other favourites but unfortunately I don’t know anything about them.

I quite like the design of the Dizengoff Tower built in the 70s.

There are a couple of Brutalist hotels along the waterfront hotel strip tt the northern end of the beach.

The Hilton is in the picture above and the Carlton below.

The Shalom Meir Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Israel, built in 1965 in a Rationalist style.

I love the angles on this Postmodern residential block.

I’m less keen on the Isrotel Tower Hotel but I would like to experience the view from the pool deck on the top floor.

And I’m not really a fan of the Opera Tower. It was completed in the early 90s which wasn’t a great period for architecture in my opinion.

And there are plenty more fabulous buildings which I’ll hunt out next time!

Time for a bit more food…

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