Parma – cafes and other pitstops

Here are my favourite pitstops; cafes, snack shops and charcuterie bars in Parma centro. You’ll find them all and more on my Google map.

Pepèn Parma (Elementary A), 2 Borgo, Vicolo Sant’Ambrogio,

Pepèn is a local institution and most evenings in non Covid times the side alley it’s on gets quite busy. There are many kinds of panini on offer but the classic is horse meat tartar (a local speciality), which I had for breakfast one morning, with a glass of prosecco (A). A great way to start the day!

Bar Tubino (Intermediate B), 43 Strada Giuseppe Mazzini

The coffee is fine but the retro design is the main reason I come here. It’s very handy for the market square.

Gran Caffè Cavour (Intermediate B), 30/B Strada Cavour

Not as Gran as some but still an attractive old-school spot for a breakfast capuccino and a chocolate brioche. There’s a large outdoor seating area too.

Oste Magno Parma (Elementary B+), 12/B Borgo Angelo Mazza,

A dive bar with good charcuterie that’s popular with students, and Ozzy Osbourne lookalikes. Busy most evenings at peak times but quiet at Sunday lunch.

Tabarro (High Elementary B-), 5/B Strada Luigi Carlo Farini,

Another charcuterie bar serving tagliarini (wooden plates) of prosciutto and parmesan. You can sit on a hight seat at a barrel outside and watch people passing on this popular street.

Piada Factory Parma (Elementary B), 9B Borgo Angelo Mazza

Opposite Oste Magno above and two doors down from the Hotel Torino, these guys kept me alive in the evenings with these stuffed Emilian flatbreads when the restaurants were closed during the Covid lockdown.

I did have lunches at some proper restaurants though, coming next…

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