Modena – walking around the Centro Storico part two – Mercato Albinelli

After Piazza Grande (previous post), my next stop was the Mercato Storico Albinelli, the covered market just down the road.

The market was designed by engineer Giuseppe Tubini and inaugurated in 1931. Named after the mayor who caused it to be built, it is now a national monument. It has a Stile Liberty design (Italian Art Nouveau) with an industrial feel.

At the centre of the market is a fountain bearing a sculpture of a woman, called “the Fruit Bearer” by Giuseppe Graziosi, a famous 19th century modenese sculptor.

On average the market receives 30,000 visitors per week although it was much quieter when I went during the partial Covid lockdown in November 2020. Saturday morning is the best time to go to sample the atmosphere.

Most of the central area is given over to fruit and veg stalls.

And there are several cheese stands.

Of course you’ll see some vinegar on sale, however be aware that, although the bottles are cute and affordable, the contents aren’t necessarily the real deal (see my coming Balsamic vinegar post).

If you fancy a picnic lunch, some stalls offer food that is ready to eat. There is a large seating area for people who want to dine in but it was closed when I went.

Personally I got a Panino al Cotechino, a grilled sausage sandwich, from Bar Schiavoni to the left of the main entrance, but more about that in my coming post on food.

Produce that caught my eye included one display of five different cauliflowers.

And various other autumnal delights, including the smallest courgettes I’ve ever seen.

You can find the market on my Google map.

More food shops, and other sights, in the next post…

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