Bologna – shops, signs and porticoes

Here are a few photo projects on things that caught my eye while I was walking around the historic centre of Bologna. Most of these pics were taken along the main streets radiating out from the Two Towers, in particular Via Ugo Bassi and Via Santo Stefano. You’ll find them on my Google map.

One of the first things you notice are the porticoes, the covered pavements, of which there are around 38 kilometers in Bologna. Many different versions of them were built over a period of a thousand years and such is their importance that UNESCO have given them a world heritage listing which denotes them as being of ‘outstanding universal value’.

Another thing that grabbed me as I was walking aroud were the beautiful wrought-iron gates at the entrances of the palaces.

Their doors often have a nice keyhole or knocker as well.

Even the lampposts have attitude.

I do like a good shop sign and Bologna, like other Emilian cities, plays a very strong typeface game.

There are more porticoes in my Sunday walk, coming next…

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