Ferrara – a working lunch in Ferrara Sud

Not all of Ferrara is Medieval or Rennaisance of course. Once you head south of the Canale di Burana, to Ferrara Sud, the surroundings become decidedly more modern and mundane although occasional splashes of colour liven up the place.

The district is pretty much a culinary wasteland, unless you want to go to Burger King or MacDonalds, except for one place…

Piadineria Crudo E Fontina (Elementary B+), 44 Via Ludwig Van Beethoven, www.facebook.com

This place is essentially a food truck and a tent in a layby. It’s about ten minutes’ walk from the school I was working at, through an estate and under a dual carriageway.

It doesn’t sound like much but according to the Taste Altas they serve the best Piadina Romagnola in Ferrara. Some readers will remember that a Piadina is a traditional flatbread in Romagna which I had in Ravenna (post here) but also in Sydney (post here). It can have a variety of fillings but I had one with Prosciutto Crudo, Burrata Stracciatella (a kind of Mozzarella), tomatoes, rocket and basil, which was great (A).

The sausage and onion one less so (B), despite being described as their ‘classico, classico’ by the friendly owner. It still filled a hole though.

You’ll find Piadineria Crudo E Fontina marked on my Google map.

A walk around the monumental cemetery next…

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