Calabria – Reggio Calabria province – staying in Polistena

Polistena is a small, fairly non-descript town in central Reggio Calabria province. There’s not a lot to see but I ate fairly well over the four nights I stayed there for work. Sadly again I have lost my photos so I can’t tell you much about what I ate or what I saw. Thanks to my map though, I do have some basic memories.

La Cantina dell’Orologio (Intermediate B+), 10 Piazza della Repubblica,

A friendly wine bar with a pleasant atmosphere. It’s a good spot for an aperitif, and if you’re peckish but not wanting a full meal, I can recommend a board of their local cured hams and cheeses.

Donna Nela (Intermediate B+), 23 Corso Giuseppe Mazzini,

This quaint little place was in the Slow Food guide Osterie d’Italia 2019 Ristorante Enoteca and was #1 and the most reviewed on Tripadvisor in March 2019. I ate here a couple of times but can’t remember what I had except that it was all good local fare. They are also a wine shop with an excellent selection of local wines.

Meating (Intermediate B-), 5 Piazzetta Bellavista,

A steak restaurant located in a square, both of which live up to their names. This is a place to go when you want a steak and chips and nothing else will do. It’s popular with the locals so the service was very busy and consequently not the greatest. The food was fine but nothing out of the ordainary.

Sorbara (Intermediate B+) 3 Vico S. Francesco,

This bakery was a great option for lunch as it was just a few minute’s walk from the school I was working at. There’s a dining room upstairs so you can eat in.

Hotel Restaurant Mommo (Intermediate B), 32 Via Commendatore Grio

I had a pleasant stay at this family owned hotel. The old lady and her gruff son were very helpful in getting me there (picked up from Rosarno station) and away (the right bus to Reggio). It has a faded 60s feel which I quite like.

And Reggio is where we go next…

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