Palermo – Mondello – three higher end restaurants

Going on how many quality restaurants there are, Mondello must be quite a wealthy place. I’ve given the best one its own post because I love it so much (coming next), just as I have for the cheapest one (post here), and the ones with the best view (see previous post). This post is about three more good places that also deserve a mention. You’ll find them all on my map of Mondello.

Badalamenti Cucina e Bottega, 55 Viale Galatea,

This is an excellent restaurant with great food and service. The interior is nicely decorated but the terrace is unremarkable and the only view is of the road. But it was still a nice place to sit on the warm evening when I visited.

As you can see from the pics, the food is beautifully presented and served on lovely tableware. I never knew I needed mother-of-pearl plates in my life until I came here!

I loved the Crudi di Mare starter; sea bream tartare with exotic fruit, tuna tartare, marinated king prawns and cold smoked salmon. The following clam risotto was great too but I was less keen on the Gamberoni Rossi di Mazara. The Sicilian red prawns were what drew me but I was unable to appreciate the katafi noodles (Greek shredded phyllo dough) covering them. The balsamic vinegar reduction and honey soy sauce in combination with the dry crunchy texture of the noodles wasn’t what I wanted with my prawns so I just enjoyed them for themselves. The final Cheese Cake Fredda, cold cheese cake with berries and dark chocolate, with a glass of passito sweet wine, was also really good. A final shot of my beloved Amaro Amara finished things off nicely.

Apparently if you order the day before, they will make you a traditional off-menu timballo with fresh pork, salami, and tomato extract.

Le Antiche Mura, 1 Via Mattei,

Despite being called ‘The Ancient Wall’ this seafood specialist actually has very modern and stylish decor. The outside garden terrace would make a nice spot for a romantic evening meal.

I really enjoyed the Linguina Fresca Scampi, Pomodorino Pachino e Basilico (flat ribbons of pasta with Norway lobster and cherry tomatoes from Pachino with basil) but was less keen on the Trilogia di Tonno Rosso del Mediterraneo (three preparations of bluefin tuna; tataki, pistachio crusted and seared with a sweet and sour sauce) which I found a bit flavourless. The Cassata al Forno (baked cassata) was great though.

Villa Antigone Ristorante Pizzeria, 40 Via Antigone,

There are surprisingly few pizzerias in Mondello, which doesn’t bother me too much as I rarely eat them. However, I do get a hankering every now and then, so I tried out this Google suggestion only to find that the pizza oven is switched off at lunchtime. Fortunately though, they are also a refined local restaurant so I was able to have some quality food.

I had some Pomodoro Bruschette to start and the Busiate Fresche di Sicilia (coiled local fresh pasta with prawns and pistachios) which was all really nice.

On to the best restaurant in town next!

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