Palermo – Mondello – cafes and gelaterias

Beach life for me requires good places for a morning coffee and cake, a nice salad or similar at lunch time, as well as pitstops for frequent ice creams and granitas. Naturally Mondello has several of these, all of which you’ll find on my map of Mondello.

Touring Cafè Beach, 17 Viale Regina Elena,

This is the posh Mondello member of the mini-chain famous for their Arancina Bomba, the over-sized deep-fried rice ball I sampled on a few occasions in Palermo (my post here). I love the beautiful building it’s located in, as do the local police it seems as they are regular customers.

Everything I’ve had from here has been top notch. Their arancina ‘al ragù’ (with meat sauce and peas) was one of the best I had on my trip, better even than at their other branches. The coffee is great and they have a good range of cakes and ice creams.

Bar Pasticceria Alba, 2 Viale Margherita di Savoia,

Alba is another quality place at the other end of the beach. I had their Insalata Salmone for €10 which was really good.

Bar Scimone, 61 Viale Regina Elena,

This was the nearest breakfast spot to where I was staying so I came here the most often, even if it isn’t as good as the other two places above. They do a particularly large Ciambella (donut), the biggest I have ever seen!

I also liked their Cartoccio alla Crema, a sweet donut ‘carriage’ filled with ricotta cream.

Their chocolate Cornetto Brioche was another good way to start the day.

Latte Pa, 69 Viale Regina Elena,

Latte Pa is considered to be the best gelateria in Mondello.

You can’t go wrong with the classic flavours of pistachio and gianduja (chocolate and hazlenut paste).

Or you could try the classic Sicilian mode of delivery, in a brioche con crema.

Wish I could eat it all again!

An architecture tour of Mondello next…

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