Palermo – Mondello – some more architecture

Prior to its Stile Liberty makeover (see previous post), Mondello was a marshland populated only by a small fishing community. The oldest building still surviving from this time is the Torre della Tonnara di Mondello, built to protect the workers of the tuna trap from attacks by raiders. This defensive tower became the centre of the community and the village of Mondello grew up around it.

There is a second tower, the Torre del Fico d’India, a little further along the coast on the tip of Capo Gallo. It’s difficult to view as it has now been incorporated into the grounds of the Splendid Hotel La Torre. You’ll find it marked on my map.

I’m not aware of any more old buildings in Mondello, and other than the towers, nothing older than Stile Liberty. The following buildings that caught my eye are later than that.

There are bits of Art Deco, the largest example being the Mondello Palace Hotel on Viale Principe di Scalea.

As well as this lovely villa at 11 Viale Regina Elena.

Deco would be my best guess for this unusual design at 21 Viale Regina Elena.

And this one, somewhere on Viale dei Pioppi I think.

Not sure about the provenance of this one, but I liked the gate.

I love this modernist design at 29 Viale Regina Elena.

But my favourite modernist villa is Villa Azzurra at 49A Viale Regina Elena.

It’s available for rent (£263p/n in 2022). I sleeps six, and is just a one-minute walk from the beach. Very tempting! Facebook page here.

Taking a break from Sicily now. Lisbon next!

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