Lisbon – some Arte Nova shops

In addition to a multitude of residential and office buildings (see the two previous posts) Lisbon has lots of beautiful Arte Nova shops. Here are a few of my favourites. You’ll find them on my map.

Paris em Lisboa
Address: 77 Rua Garrett
Function: fabrics and bedlinen
Architect: unknown
Built: 1888 with a later Arte Nova makeover

Ourivesaria Alianca (Tous Jewelry)
Address: 50-52 Rua Garrett
Function: jewelers
Architect: unknown
Built: 1885 with an Arte Nova makeover in 1914

Make sure you go inside to look at the beautiful interior.

Animatógrafo do Rossio
Address: 225-229 Rua dos Sapateiros
Function: cinema (now a peep show)
Architect: tiles by M. Queriol
Built: 1907

Loja Lisboa
Address: Largo de São Julião 8
Function: council services office
Architect: unknown
Built: unknown

Retrosaria Bijou
Address: 91 Rua da Conceição
Function: haberdashers
Architect: unknown
Built: before 1915

Address: 133-139 Rua Domingos Sequeira (in Placa Implantação da República)
Function: former pharmacy? (despite Caduceus instead of rod of Asclepius)
Architect: unknown
Built: 1910?

The small plaque above the door of 135 (and the name of the square) celebrates the formation of the Portuguese Republic on October 5th, 1910.

San Giorgio
Address: 112-113 Largo da Graça
Function: tailor
Architect: unknown
Built: modern

Arte Nova cafes and patisseries next!

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