Lisbon – food shopping part 4 – the markets

The most famous market in Lisbon is the Mercado da Ribeira in edgy Cais do Sodré.

Inaugurated in 1882, the market operated successfully until 2000 when wholesale trade was discontinued.

However retail trade still goes on…

…although it seemed very quiet on the day I went.

More famously, since 2010, the former wholesale section is now home to the Time Out market.

Again it seemed very quiet, although I was there in late August when the tourist season had finished.

Although there was lots of interesting stalls, it all felt rather cold and soulless. Manteigaria Silva has an outlet here but I’d much rather shop in their original store (see my Lisbon – food shopping part 1 post).

There are lots of tempting goodies on display but more people seemed to be taking photos than buying. I may be wrong but it made me wonder whether this latest configuration of the market has also had its day.

The same can’t be said of the bustling Mercado de Campo de Ourique which dates from 1934.

If I could live in Lisbon, I’d like it to be in this leafy neighbourhood, near the market. It’s smaller than its more famous riverside cousin, but it also has gourmet food stalls, as well as lots of fabulous produce.

To get there, take a pleasant ride on Tram 28 till it terminates, then the market is just a short five-minute walk. It’s open every day but some stalls are closed on Sundays. Both markets can be found on my Google map.

Time for some restaurants next…

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