Seville – Casco Antiguo – other bits of architecture

Seville is a dreamland for an architecture buff like me. The most important style is neo-M so I’ve given that its own post and an additional post on (post here). There are also some important post-modern constructions like Las Setas (post here) and Torre de Seville (post here). This post is all the other stuff.

My Google map of the city is here.

My favourite Spanish style of architecture is Modernisme, the Catalan version of Art Nouveau. There is only one example of it in Seville that I know of, on the corner of Calle Alfonso XII and Calle Almirante Ulloa in. The architect was Aníbal González who studied in Barcelona where he must have caught the modernista bug. He is also responsible for many of Seville’s most important Neo-Mudéjar buildings (see separate post).

Another interesting building is the town hall or ayuntamiento nn Plaza Nueva which is called the Casa Consistorial de Sevilla. It was constructed in the Plateresque style meaning “in the manner of a silversmith”; a blend of Mudéjar, Gothic, Renaissance and Lombard decorative elements (another style particular to Spain).

The façade includes heraldic symbols, allegories of justice and good governance and depictions of mythological and historical characters such as Hercules and Julius Caesar who are considered instrumental in the city’s history.

And here’s a gallery of various buildings dotted around town. Please click on them to appreciate them fully.

That’s all for the city of Seville for now. For towns in Seville province click here.

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