Oviedo – Modernista Architecture

Here’s a little Modernista architecture tour, coming from the Ayre Hotel Ramiro I where I was staying. I’ve marked them as stars on this Google map.

There are many more buildings, like Casa del Cuito, that I didn’t manage to include. There are some beauties here though!

Viviendas Marqués de Santa Cruz (1914), 11-12 Calle Marqués de Santa Cruz

Círculo Mercantil, 5 Calle Marqués de Santa Cruz

Casa Garcia Conde (Juan Miguel de la Guardia,1904), Plaza de La Escandalera

Junta General del Principado de Asturias (Nicolàs Garcìa Rivero, 1904), 13 Calle Fruela

Banco Herrero, 11 Calle Fruela (1911)

Calle Principaldo, on the corner of Calle Suarez de la Riva

Casa Simeon (Julio Galàn Carbajal, 1915), 4 Calle San Francisco

Casa del Arco Iris (Manuel del Busto, 1922), Plaza de la Constitución

Plaza de la Constitución

Basílica de San Juan El Real (Luis Bellido, 1902-09), Calle Dr. Casal

And several others I can’t remember the location of…

For older architecture please see my ‘Oviedo – walking around the Casco Antiguo’ post.

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