Oviedo – street sculpture in the Casco Antiguo

Another wonderful thing about Oviedo is that the extent to which it has embraced street sculpture. There are statues everywhere in the Casco Antiguo (over one hundred in the city) and the ones in my post are just a fraction of what there is to see.

These are links to two maps (here and here) showing walking tours of the centre with an option for an audio guide via a downloadable app. And here’s my usual Google map.

My favourite is “La Maternidad” (Maternity) in Plaza de la Escandalera. It was sculpted by Fernando Botero in honour of mothers.

Botero is beloved by many, including myself, for his humourous, often political, over-sized sculptures. The only other one I’ve seen in the flesh as it were is “Woman with Mirror” in Madrid (see my Plaza de Colón post).

A short distance away, at the top of Calle Alonso de Quintanilla is what at first glance looks like more ‘Boterismo’ but is in fact a work by Eduardo Úrculo called “Culis Monumentalibus“. Any city that has a large bum on their main shopping street is alright by me!

El Diestro” (The Right-Handed) by Miguel Berrocal (1998) depicts the torso of a bullfighter with an exaggerated roundness. It’s located a stone’s throw away on Calle Palacio Valdés.

La Bailerina” (The Ballerina) by Santiago de Santiago (2011) is also close by, outside the Teatro Campoamor on Calle Diecienueve de Julio.

Another Santiago de Santiago called “Amigos“ (1993) can be seen in Plaza Juan XXIII.

Woody Allen is a big fan of Oviedo and they’ve repaid the complement by putting a statue of him on Calle Milicias Nacionales

Another nice statue is “Pescadera” (Fishwife) by Sebastian Miranda Ovetense in Plaza Trascorrales.

El Vendedor de Pescado” (The Fish Seller) by Jose Antonio Garcia Prieto is next to it.

La Lechera” (The Milklady) by Manuel García Linares is just a short distance away in Calle Adolfo Álvarez Folguer. It’s a tribute to the women who brought milk to the city.

A very popular sculpture is “El Viajero” (The Traveller) in Plaza Porlier. It’s actually called “The return of Williams B. Arrensberg” (1993), the subject being a friend of Eduardo Úrculo the sculptor.

“Las Alfareras” (The Potters) in Plaza de Daoíz y Velarde.

So that’s a small sample as I say. There are another ninety or so waiting to be found.

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