Perth – Eating and Drinking in North Fremantle

After Northbridge I moved downstream to Freo (Fremantle), Perth’s port at the mouth of the Swan River. Going further north along the coastline (the beach is pretty much continuous) you come to Cottesloe and Mosman Park which I’ve given separate posts. West Fremantle, the centre of town, also has it’s own post. My map is here.

I’d come to visit my dear friend Karen, a Derbyshire ex-pat and longstanding Freo resident, and she chose this venue to celebrate our reunion…

She took me to this place on Leighton Beach in North Fremantle, the first of many beach restaurants in beautiful locations overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Bib and Tucker (High Intermediate B+), 18 Leighton Beach Boulevard, North Fremantle,

It’s owned by Eamon Sullivan, an Olympic medal winning swimmer, so quality should be assumed. Snag a spot on the terrace if you can, especially in winter as it’s a good place to watch the sunset apparently. It was a bright sunny day in January when we went though so I had to splash on the sun cream.

The celebrations were intense so I don’t remember much except that it was all very good! The ‘Perfect Day’ Sauvignon Blanc defintitely fitted the mood.

The food was lovely. This was the Charcoal-roasted West Australian Octopus with Fennel, Apple, Smoked Almonds and ‘Crispy Bits’. Roast octopi are one of the finer things in life I think (A).

And you can’t go wrong with Saltcod Fritters with Lemon Aioli (A).

I had my first taste of Kangaroo here. I can tell you it’s pretty good when served medium-rare (B+).

There can’t be many countries that eat their national symbols. The only other example I could think of was the Welsh and their leeks but then I was reminded that they eat elephant in Ivory Coast and Botswanan’s tuck into Zebra. Then of course there are the Canadians and their maple syrup.

The only let down was the overfried Chorizo (C) but then I have been spoiled by my trips to Spain.

Some more of the excellent local white wine made everything right though.

On another evening, Karen took me to another place nearby…

Propeller (High Intermediate A), 222 Queen Victoria St,

This Lebanese restaurant is one of her favourite spots and rightly so as the food is excellent.

Again I don’t remember the details as I was too busy chatting. Also my pics didn’t come out well unfortunately as it was quite dark out on the terrace.

I do remember we began with a Negroni and a Turkish Delight Martini which Karen loved.

To eat we had the cheaper of the two tasting menus at A$45 a head, as opposed to A$65, to suit our appetites. It was more than enough.

We started with some Salt Roasted Sunflower and Pumpkin seeds and a mixed bowl of olives including Gordal, Kalamata, Manazanilla and Liguria varieties.

Then scallops with white bean puree and chilli followed by Freo Sardine with Broccolini, Pine Nuts and Currants.

Rather than get a whole bottle we had two glasses of Ocean Eight Pinot Gris with the earlier courses.

Next I think Cemen Lamb with Green Beans, Raisins and Yoghurt. Cemen is a paste of ground fenugreek seeds, Turkish red pepper and mashed garlic which is used to coat the meat.

We drank a couple of glasses of Spinifex Grenache with the meat.

With a glass of PX and another of Rockford Cane Cut to go with the desserts (nice but forgotten), the final bill was a very reasonable A$200.

Mrs Brown (Intermediate B+), 241 Queen Victoria St,

After eating at Propellor we piled over the road to this wine bar which is Karen’s after work local. It was a bit quiet as it was the night before Australia Day but it’s usually much busier. All the same, it was lovely to have a quiet nightcap watching the blossom falling from the tree in the back yard.

I tried my first and only Australian Brandy here, the Saint Agnes five-year-old VSOP.

It was drinkable but brandy is not one of the Aussies fortes unfortunately (C). They have plenty more to make up for it though.

Over to Bicton, Karen’s neighbourhood next!

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