Fremantle – chilling by the river in Bicton

My friend Karen lives in Bicton, a residential neighbourhood a short bus ride from Fremantle’s centre.

In the evenings a lot of people go to relax at Bicton Baths, a chilled spot by the Swan river. You can swim if you like, or do as we did and have a little picnic.

We grabbed some fish & chips from Bicton Fish & Burger Grill at 39B Bristol Avenue.

I tried the special, Red Emperador, which was a new fish for me (B+). Other fish on the menu were hake, pink and goldband snapper, Spanish mackerel and shark! The chips were okay (C) but Karen reckons chippies are generally better back in the UK.

When it comes to picnicing, she has all the bases covered.

The best Australian fizz is from Tasmania apparently.

While I was in Bicton, we celebrated her eldest son Tom’s thirtieth birthday.

I helped out by making five big curries to feed the guests.

And managed to do it without a single turmeric stain on my white t-shirt, happy days! 🙂 x

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