Kochi – an evening stroll along the waterfront

The place to be in the early evening is by the water at Vasco Da Gama Square in central Fort. Local people come here at dusk to catch the cool sea breeze and spend time with family and friends.

My map is here.

This is the area where the famous Chinese Fishing Nets can be found.

The nets are lowered and hoisted using ropes and counter weights (video here).

I must have showed a bit too much interest because I was press ganged into helping out at one net by a friendly English-speaking fisherman.

Of course he was on the make but I didn’t mind parting with a 100Rs donation in exchange for the experience.

After this I continued along the waterfront path watching the Kochiites at play.

There are lots of vendors plying their wares along the promenade.

Including one who had the smallest ice cream van I’ve ever seen.

There was lots of other eye candy on offer on my walk. Beautiful street art, a Syrian Orthodox shrine, marauding goats, Che Guevara posters, a bizarre sign, some derelict Art Deco and paddling nuns were all in the mix.

Think I need to come back…

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