Bologna – some modern architecture

There’s very little modern architecture to see in the Centro Historico due to all the Medieval (my post here) and Rennaisance architecture cluttering the place up. There is a fair amount of Stile Liberty (my post here) but not much else. Here are the few odds and sods of other architectural styles I came across that caught my eye.

You’ll only find everywhere mentioned on my map.

This Art Deco unit is at 70 Via Zamboni. The year displayed on the facade in Roman numerals is 1935.

My guess is that this is a former Deco petrol station, now converted to a shop and office at 6 Piazza di Porta Maggiore.

Over in Saragozza neighbourhood, this attractive Deco apartment block is on the corner of Via XXI Aprile 1945 and Via Filippo Turati.

Also in Saragozza, this plain but angular Deco apartment block in on Via Francesco Roncati.

And I couldn’t resist snapping this curvacious urinal near the stadium in the Giardino Pubblico at 21 Via Irma Bandiera.

I was also pleasantly surpised to find a classic bit of Brutalism with the Librario Walter Bigiavi at 33 Via delle Belle Arti.

The rough surfaces clearly show the classic wood ‘shuttering’ effect produced when the raw concrete (béton brut) is cast in-situ.

And finally the balconies on this bit of PoMo caught my eye.

There’s lots more of course, these were just random shots I took on my walks.

And that’s nearly it for Bologna! A final introductory post next…

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