Bourgogne – sightseeing in Autun

I came to this small Burgundian town with the family on a day out in June 2017.

I think the word quaint was especially invented just to describe small towns like Autun. It is very lovely…

If you’re looking at this on a PC you can click on the pics above to enlarge them.

The source of the town’s fame is its cathedral, Saint Lazare d’Autun, which is a French national monument.

Particularly renowned are the church’s realistic sculptures by Gislebertus which are considered to be a highlight of Romanesque art.

The tympanum of the Last Judgment above the front door of the church is a particularly detailed and exquisite work.

Gislebertus is also responsible for at least sixty of the capitals within the church. The originals are now kept in the Salle Capitualire in the bell tower.

Again, you should click on these to fully apprciate the details.

Amazing to think that these carvings are well over 800 years old!

History of an even older kind next…

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