Almeria – walking around the Centro

I’ve been to Almería twice, in 2012 and 2017, and it’s grown on me more and more each time. While not exactly a stunner, the city does have a lot of historical buildings, and there’s a huge beach which is never a bad thing.

I’ve broken my posts down to make them more accessible. This one is about Walking Around, ie architecture, street art etc but here are some others:

Traditional Tapas Bars in the Centro
Modern Tapas Bars in the Centro
Chilling at Zapillo Beach
Eating near the hotels in Los Molinos

My Google map of the city is here and a map of the barrios is here.

Almería was founded by the Moors in 955AD. The Alacazaba on the hill is the second largest Arabic fortress in Andalusia.

It has been used as a set for Conan the Barbarian, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Never Say Never Again, and Wonder Woman.

I’ve never actually made it inside. On my first attempt I’d just eaten a huge lunch and couldn’t contemplate walking up a steep hill in the sun, and on my second try it was too early in the morning and they wouldn’t let me in. To be honest, friends tell me I’m not missing that much but I’d like to get inside one day just for the views.

Le Catedral in Plaza Vieja is much more accessible after a big lunch at nearby Casa Puga (see my post on Traditional Tapas Bars in the Centro).

In terms of architecture, there are a few Modernista buildings around. My favourite is the Edificio De Las Mariposas at 6 Puerta de Purchena. Video here.

The butterflies around the top are a lovely feature.

There are a couple more Modernista buildings over the road at 4 and 5 Puerta de Purchena.

They were designed in an Electic style that includes a variety of influences; Moorish as well as neoclassical European.

There’s another in Plaza Flores.

A statue of John Lennon is also in the same square.

The old train station is another example of Moderisme.

It was being renovated when I was there so I need to go back for a proper look at the details.

I adore this house at 31 Calle Juan del Olmo. Wish I knew more about it.

I stumbled across a couple more modern buildings that I liked.

Can’t remember where they are, sorry.

I tried looking for this one on Google street view but still can’t recall where it was, apologies again.

I’m also a fan of the Fuente de los Peces in Parque Nicolás Salmerón.

I’m sure I’ve seen a cartoon character that has similar features to this fish but I can’t think where.

They love a bit of topiary in Almeria. Many of the main streets are shaded by beautifully sculpted trees.

These trees are in Plaza Campoamor in the Centro Histórico just south of the Alcazar.

I was lucky to catch the beautiful climbing flowers in bloom.

The barrio is a nice area to walk around.

In terms of street art, I didn’t see much about, but I quite like these squiggly images.

Both are by the same artist I presume.

Here are a few other bits and pieces that caught my eye.

Time for some tapas…

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