Andalusia – Granada – walking around

I finally got to go to Granada in July 2017 after wanting to visit for nearly twenty years. My work itinerary had me just changing trains and continuing on to Jaen but I managed to delay for a couple of nights of quality R&R.

It was a whistlestop tour and these posts are just a record of my experiences and are not intended to be a guide. Hopefully parts of them will be of use though.

The main reason anyone goes to Granada is of course to see the famed Alhambra so I’ve given it its own post (next up). Another very good reason to visit is for the city’s food culture, particularly tapas, so that also has its own post. The old Moorish neighbourhood, the Albaicín, will no doubt get its own post in the future but for now you’ll find it represented in the food section.

This post is about all the other stuff I saw when I was walking around. It’s all on my Google map here.

The next most famous construction in town is the Catedral de Granada, the impressive façade of which can be viewed in Plaza de las Pasiegas, preferrably from a stool on a bar terrace.

The interior is beautiful but it was 5€ to get in and I didn’t have much time so I left it for another occasion.

The side entrance on Calle Cárcel Baja is quite ornate as well.

Flanking the cathedral on the other side on Calle Oficios is the royal chapel, the Capilla Real de Granada

From here a gate takes you to the main street Gran Vía De Colón.

There are of course heaps of other beautiful churches in Granada.

Big and small.

Not far from the cathedral is the Corral del Carbon, an early 14th century Alhóndiga (farmers market) from the Nasrid era.

The entrance is particularly nice.

The rest of the building houses a free exhibition on the history of Granada.

Another piece of Moorish architecture still standing in the lower town is the Puerta de Elvira at Plaza del Triunfo.

I can’t remember exactly where sorry but there are a few nice bits of Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Modernista architecture dotted about. You can click on this gallery to enlarge the pics if you’re on a computer.

Not too sure about this post-modern monster though.

Time for something far more beautiful…

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