Israel – Gannet index for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

I realise my posts can be hard to access at times so, as well as the geographical index above, here’s another index organised by topic.



– walking around Machane Yehuda market here.

– eating at Machneyuda restaurant here.

– viewing the Old City and the Dome of the Rock here.

Tel Aviv

– walking around Carmel market here.

– eating at Habasta here.

– eating at Port Sa’id restaurant here.

– viewing Bauhaus architecture here.


Jerusalem here.

Tel Aviv & Jaffa here.


Jerusalem – walking around Machane Yehuda market here.

Jerusalem – great places to eat and drink in and around Machane Yehuda market here.

Tel Aviv – Yemenite Quarter – exploring Carmel Market here.

Tel Aviv – Yemenite Quarter – eating in and around Carmel Market here.


Jerusalem – staying and eating breakfast in the Downtown Triangle here.

Tel Aviv – Lev Ha’ir – a top feed at Port Said here.

Tel Aviv – Jaffa – good places to eat and drink here.

Tel Aviv – strolling and grazing in Neve Tzedek here.


Jerusalem – seeing the sights in the Old City here.

Tel Aviv – Jaffa – out and about in the old town here.

Tel Aviv – street art in Florentin here.


Tel Aviv – Bauhaus architecture walks around the White City here.

Tel Aviv – Eclectic Style architecture here.

Tel Aviv – some Postmodern architecture here.

Nearly all of these posts involved a good deal of urban hiking. With all that good food we needed to do a lot of walks! Electric bikes are popular in Tel Aviv though and, along with bicycles, they’re easy to hire if you want to save your shoe leather.

We had a great time and all of us definitely want to go back again, so hopefully I’ll get to add to this index in the future.

Off to Sicily next!

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